Diploma program for laboratory professionals

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine has launched a five-year master’s program for medical students majoring in laboratory medicine.

Students must complete a four-year course in Shanghai and a fifth year in France.

The program involves training laboratory medicine professionals to meet a growing demand for clinical and scientific research, especially after the pandemic, officials said.

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is an increasing demand for the detection of pathogens on site. Medical development requires laboratory medicine professionals with excellent clinical skills, international vision and research capacity, ”said Dr Shen Baiyong from the school’s Sino-France mixed school. of Medicine.

“We are one of the first medical schools in China to introduce masters training in laboratory medicine. Students can visit and receive training in world-renowned laboratories and complete their master’s degree in France to improve their clinical capabilities, cultivate their scientific research capacity and their capacity for innovation.

The program will use French as the first foreign language and some courses will be taught in Chinese and French.

Ti Gong

Shanghai Jiao Tong University medical school students learn from a foreign teacher.

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