Credent’s new technological solution will be a game-changer in healthcare

During the pandemic, the diagnostics industry faced many challenges. From logistics to phlebotomists and technicians to technology, the diagnostic industry depends on different vendors to provide phlebotomists, logistics, lab technicians, technology and other services.

Established in 2012 with the vision to become the leading healthcare logistics company in India, Credent is one of the leading partners for home sample collection and pathology based workforce solutions in the diagnostic industry. With advancements in technology, they launched smart app and became the first and only company to provide complete solution to major diagnostic companies in India.

Explaining how the application has evolved digitally, Tarun Sharma, Director of Credent Group, said: “Our application will remove the outsourcing technology to keep up with all logistics solutions, home collection solutions and hand solutions. -work. With the launch of this app, Credent will become the first company in India to offer a complete solution under one roof for the diagnostics industry. “

Credent is the answer to all diagnostic needs

Strengthened by its association with various diagnostic and healthcare companies in India as well as many other organizations, Credent has established its worthy presence in over 164 cities across India with over 2,800 professionals.

Credent offers pre-analytical services from sample selection to sample delivery to the laboratory due to their strong network. With 20+ Air Connectivity, 5+ OTC Route Connectivity, 6 Vans, and over 1,284 Field Executives with bikes, they provide services nationwide. By 2025, they plan to integrate and train a staff of more than 5,000 people and expand their workspace in more than 300 cities.

Credent has become Game Changer in the industry by offering all of these services under one roof:

1. Home collection services

With a team of 807 home collection phlebotomists. Credent offers door-to-door collection services to a large extent across the length and breadth of India. They have an established presence in major cities in every state of India.

Their home collection service provides collection of blood / urine samples for laboratory analysis. This service is available to people who may not have time to visit a laboratory or to patients who cannot travel because they are sick or bedridden. Samples collected are tested and analyzed in associated laboratories to ensure accurate test results. They also offer home collection services to hospitals and laboratories to improve their services and help them attract more customers.

2. Phlebotomist services

Credent has a team of over 700 phlebotomists and the number is increasing in cities large and small in India. Their phlebotomists are trained to expertly collect blood samples with minimal patient discomfort, and then store those samples in temperature-controlled packaging. They are also experts in observing the patient during the process and in providing assistance that may be required in the event of an adverse reaction. They take care of the collected samples, packaging and shipping procedures with documentation if they are in the field. They are also trained in new technical standards and tests as well as new NABL guidelines. You can employ these trained phlebotomists or, if you plan to recruit people, they can train them to improve their skill levels.

3. Outsourcing of the workforce

Credent specializes in providing contract, one-off and temporary labor with a focus on research institutions, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and laboratory segments for clinical trials and corporate health checks. . They assure their clients that those recommended for temporary positions get to work immediately. Outsourcing their manpower needs saves them time and money in addition to doing the job much better.

4. Cold chain logistics

They have standardized cold chain logistics procedures to comply with international specifications with a detailed system in place that starts with providing the right equipment for collection, storage and transit with a data logger, through to delivery point. All processes are recorded and both sides of the transaction have access to detailed records.

5. Laboratory technician

Credent is a trusted source for highly trained and skilled lab technicians to support the most demanding test procedures. They provide highly trained and skilled lab technicians who will complete tasks in record time and are a real asset to your organization. With Credent here, your lab just keeps running.

6.Customer service setup

We use a dedicated IT infrastructure and multi-channel communications service managed by trained customer service representatives. Customer experience matters a lot these days and can make a difference to your customer. Their customer service setup helps you respond to queries or complaints quickly and resolve them to caller satisfaction.

During the pandemic, phlebotomists played a critical role in collecting and delivering samples. Credent in turn shows their respect and salutes all those individuals and other Corona warriors who have continued to work day and night without worrying about putting themselves in danger.

Credent shows growth in healthcare

Some of the renowned names in the health industry that Credent has confederated include Dr Lal Path Labs, SRL Diagnostics, Apollo, and many more. Their first-rate services and determined teamwork have always ensured smooth functioning between clients.

Faithful to ethics, Credent Group is moving forward on the path to progress. Using cutting-edge technologies, their new application takes the company to new heights. The Credent team places great importance on the confidentiality of customer data and offers fast turnaround times with their one-stop-shop services. They are enriched with a database covering various health care projects. With a PAN India reach, they are determined to serve any corner of the country with the utmost loyalty and dedication from their professionals.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT reporter was involved in the creation of this content.

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