College Station man charged with beating 4-week-old son

The little boy also suffered a broken skull, multiple rib fractures and broken legs, authorities said.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – A College Station man has been arrested after being charged with beating his 4-week-old son and causing multiple fractures and two brain hemorrhages.

Kendriq Burnett, 21, is accused of injuring a child. He is currently being held in the Brazos County Jail on $ 30,000 bond.

College Police Department investigators said they were called to a local hospital on February 8 by medical staff after a 4-week-old baby boy was brought in with serious injuries. According to medical staff, Burnett admitted he was holding the baby when he dropped it. After doing tests, medical staff said they found the baby had a fractured skull, had a cerebral hemorrhage in the front of the head and bruises along the forehead.

The Department of Family and Protective Services provides this secure website to report suspected abuse, neglect and exploitation of children, adults with disabilities, or persons 65 years of age or older. Use this website to report situations that do not require immediate investigation.

Authorities said the baby was also suffering from bruises on his back, chest and legs. He also suffered multiple rib fractures and chipping fractures on both his legs, according to medical staff.

According to investigators, the child’s mother said she left for work on February 8 and her son was fine, but later arrived home and said he was “acting differently” and ” breathed differently ”. She reportedly told police that Burnett admitted he dropped the baby earlier today.

After questioning Burnett, authorities said he admitted he had “lost consciousness” for about two hours that day and did not know what he had done, but admitted that he remembered dropping the baby three to four feet on a carpet. Medical staff reportedly told police that the baby would not have sustained serious injuries if it had. Investigators said Burnett told them he sometimes held the baby too tight, hugged and shaken him to play with him.

On February 9, the baby remained in intensive care at a Temple hospital.

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