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Gurgaon: Union Minister Rao Inderjit Singh on Tuesday visited the Old Civil Hospital to assess the progress of transferring the CT-MRI unit to the Sector 10 Hospital. He stressed that the city needs of a civilian specialist hospital and added that he would speak to the health secretary about the delay in the construction of the new hospital building.
He asked the health authorities to move his CT-MRI unit to the Sector 10 hospital as soon as possible so that the entire hospital building can be demolished and rebuilt into a 400-bed hospital at the earliest.
In addition, approximately 1.7 acres of land adjoining the former hospital building owned by the Department of Education is likely to be included in the project.
Built around 50 years ago, the hospital has witnessed at least six incidents of ceiling collapses in the past two years. Stressing the need for a state-of-the-art government hospital in the city, Rao Inderjit said, “Yes, there is a delay in the construction of the civil hospital. I have asked the health authorities to postpone the CT-MRI by the end of July. I will speak with the health secretary about this. The lack of sanitary infrastructure was felt in the city during the second wave of Covid. In such a situation, residents had to depend on private hospitals for treatment, which placed a heavy financial burden on them. We must ensure that residents do not face such problems in the future.
Although Rs 1.6 crore was sanctioned by the government for the transfer, but the money has not been transferred yet. “We are waiting for the money to move the CT-MRI unit. We aim to move it by July 31. We will probably get administrative approval in a day or two. We have already set up a ward in Sector 10 Hospital and have set up a council informing patients about the same,” said Dr. Virender Yadav, Chief Medical Officer of Gurgaon.
The new Civil Hospital will have two underground car parks, a CT-MRI unit, radiology and oncology departments, a nebulization room and a vaccination room, as well as microbiology, clinical pathology, molecular and biochemistry.
It will also include a haemophilia and thalassemia day care centre, psychiatry, drug addiction and mental health centres, a labor ward complex, intensive care units, an operating room, a tuberculosis, an Ayush block, an ambulance office and separate surgical, orthopedic, burns and pediatric wards. neighborhoods.
Residential areas will also be set aside for the Civil Surgeon of Gurgaon, Chief Medical Officer and other doctors. Last year, Rs 260 crore was approved for the renovation of the hospital.

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