Citadel Health: Pandemic highlights urgency of data revolution

LONDON, February 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — David Wellsthe biomedical scientist who led NHS England’s COVID-19 testing response, says the scale and impact of the pandemic highlights the urgent need to reshape diagnostics around the world.

Mr Wells led the NHS campaign to create a national testing service from scratch as the pandemic took hold. The respected industry leader, who recently joined Citadel Health UK’s advisory board, says the outbreak proves that pathologists must lead a data-driven revolution to bring clinical health systems into the 21st century.

“Using data-rich laboratory information management systems (LIMS), pathologists can reshape healthcare with patients firmly at the center. As pathologists, we are uniquely positioned to lead this change – the LIMS Citadel is at the forefront of large-scale patient flow improvements across disparate disciplines and vast geographies.”

NHS England recently announced requirements to share results across previously rigid healthcare boundaries. NHS Wales has also taken steps towards future-proof interoperability via a LIMS from health technology leaders Citadel Health which will create the UK’s largest laboratory information management system – managing over 35 million tests per year in 21 pathology laboratories, supporting every hospital, clinic and general practitioner nationwide.

By seamlessly linking radiology, oncology, pathology and general practices, healthcare systems can address pandemic-induced hospital backlogs. More accurate and integrated diagnostics could also serve as an early warning for future pandemics or help uncover previously unknown genetic links to conditions, Wells said.

“When it was my turn to roll out the covid antibody test nationwide, we did it in just two weeks. Harnessing that positive attitude and maintaining that appetite for collaboration across organizations, disciplines, and trusts could Rapidly transforming diagnostics networks nationwide Society wins too – if you can keep people out of hospital, you can save millions of pounds through ground-breaking changes in diagnostics.

CEO of the Citadel group Marc McConnell says the pandemic has exposed both the shortcomings of the UK healthcare system and the bold vision for future improvements building on Citadel’s experience and expertise.

“We commend NHS Wales for taking such a progressive step towards integrating diagnostic services and look forward to UK patients benefiting from our proven experience. We have seen the Covid pandemic place unprecedented demands on clinical trial services around the world, strengthening the case for the transformation of digital services in healthcare systems to meet changing needs”.

To note: David Wells and Marc McConnell are available for interview.

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