Casting Society of America changes name and unveils new logo – Deadline

The Casting Society of America thinks globally. The group celebrates its 40th anniversary with a name change that reflects the expansion of its ranks to include casting professionals living and working around the world.

Meet the Casting Society and check out their new logo above.

“By removing America from our name, we are accepting the exponential and global growth of CSA in recent years,” said Casting Society President Kim Williams. “The CSA acronym will remain the same, as it is a trusted and well-known moniker used by casting directors across the entertainment spectrum – from film, television, theater, short films and ads.”

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The Casting Society’s new name reflects the expansion of its membership over the past few years to nearly 1,200 members, including approximately 300 casting professionals living and working around the world. It has members based in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Major international entertainment organizations have increased their recognition of the cast in recent years. In 2020, the British Academy added a casting category to its BAFTA Film Awards, the first major film ceremony to be made. The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts followed last year.

Founded in 1982 by Mike Fenton, Al Onorato and Joe Reich, the organization was originally known as the American Society of Casting Directors.

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