Caption Care creates echo access in partnership with Portamedic’s national mobile clinician network to improve heart health and reduce the cost of care

BRISBANE, CA., June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Caption Health, the leader in AI that enables early disease detection, today unveiled Caption Care: America’s first in-home cardiac wellness assessment and low-cost echo service. Through a partnership with Portamedic, Inc., one of America’s largest providers of home medical services, mobile technicians across the country will use the Caption AI platform to perform cardiac ultrasounds from the comfort of patients’ homes and in other hands-on environments, to aid in diagnosis and detection before conditions like heart failure become difficult to treat.

“We are changing the approach to the world’s leading cause of death, especially for the underserved. Better assessment of cardiovascular and heart failure risk begins with creating affordable access to basic imaging of the heart. We have partnered with Portamedic and launched Caption Care to bring the most advanced AI-based technology into the homes of everyday Americans, to urgently address the growing risk¹ of heart disease,” said Steve Cashman, CEO of Caption Health. “Given current heart failure guidelines and existing CMS payment models, Medicare Advantage plans will now have a scalable service to help them assess and manage the cardiovascular health of their millions of at-risk members.”

Caption Care offers healthcare providers, payers, and value-based care organizations the ability to have greater reach in their communities by covering the last mile of ultrasound access for members. There is a large and growing need for diagnostic quality ultrasound at the point of care, not only for people with symptoms, but also to guide those at risk of developing heart disease towards early interventions and improving outcomes. Caption Care solves this problem with convenient, cost-effective, large-scale cardiac ultrasound to identify heart disease earlier, help prevent avoidable hospitalizations and support improved outcomes.

Cardiac ultrasounds are the primary tool used to help identify heart failure, the most common diagnosis in the United States for hospitalized patients over the age of 65². It contributes to millions of deaths worldwide every year, but early symptoms like fatigue or shortness of breath are often mistaken for normal signs of aging. Result: A study showed that 38% of new patients with heart failure are diagnosed in acute care settings, even though 46% of these patients had potential symptoms six months before diagnosis, when an intervention would have had greater impact on slowing disease progression³. Doctors call heart failure ‘the silent killer’ because it’s so easy to ignore symptoms until it’s too late, and it’s remained one of the leading causes of death nationwide. , with cases on the rise following the COVID pandemic.

“Portamedic has been a leader in mobile home services for 50 years through a network of more than 4,000 technicians and 100 field offices in all 50 states, giving us reliable access to hundreds of thousands of homes each year. Through our participation in Caption Care, we can now play a proactive role in addressing the greatest public health threat facing this country, and we are excited to take on the challenge,” said Jim Fritz, President and Chief Operating Officer of Portamedic. “As healthcare increasingly moves from the hospital to the home, Caption Health and Portamedic are well positioned with our industry-leading capabilities to bring ultrasound to people in the most comfortable and practice.

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Caption Health is the leader in AI providing access to cardiac ultrasound for early disease detection – when the potential for impact is greatest. The Company’s Caption Care services provide healthcare providers, payers and value-driven care organizations with convenient and cost-effective echoes for their members, leveraging its Caption AI technology platform. In 2021, Caption Health was recognized as one of TIME’s Top 100 Inventions and winner of Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech for health award. Caption Health’s platform is used in leading hospitals, clinics, and physician organizations, and is cited in several peer-reviewed journals, including JAMA Cardiology and Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography. For more information, visit

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