BJP’s Maneka Gandhi faces protests for allegedly abusing vet

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June 23, 2021, 2:51 PM

BJP's Maneka Gandhi faces protests for allegedly abusing vet
BJP MK Maneka Gandhi called for criticism for allegedly abusing a veterinarian during a phone call.

Self-described animal rights activist, Bharatiya Janata Party MK Maneka Gandhi is facing the heat for allegedly abusing a vet.

An alleged audio clip of their phone conversation has gone viral on social media.

The Indian Veterinary Association, a leading body representing veterinarians from across the country, has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the matter as vets watch a nationwide protest today.

Gandhi threatened the doctor for the treatment of a dog

In the alleged audio clip, Gandhi was heard accusing the doctor of having “unnecessarily” amputated a dog’s leg even though he said the procedure was essential in this case.

Gandhi also used insults in Hindi and threatened to take away his license.

She warned the vet of the dire consequences if he did not immediately treat the dog in question, at her own expense.

“A matter of serious concern,” says IVA

In his letter to the PM, the veterinary association said it is “of grave concern” that Gandhi “routinely and repeatedly threatens vets, claiming settlements”.

“We ask for your kind attention in this regard so that the image of parliamentarian in the eyes of ordinary people is not undermined in society.”

The letter was also reportedly sent to the president of Lok Sabha.

Vets across India observe ‘black day’

In another advisory to vets across India, the association called for a nationwide protest today, asking medics to wear a black bracelet as a mark against Gandhi’s comments.

“IVA is firmly committed to its positions to further intensify the agitations if it does not reverse its attitude and refrain from its odious comments on the country’s veterinarians,” the letter would have indicated.

Many on Twitter ask Gandhi to apologize for his comments

Many on Twitter ask Gandhi to apologize for his comments

Many doctors and users tend #BoycottManekaGandhi on the social media platform Twitter, asking Gandhi to apologize for his alleged misconduct.

“Such comments about vets and their profession from someone who had once held a responsible position in government were very unfortunate and unwarranted (sic),” a user named Dr Mayank N Patel tweeted last night. .

Gandhi has also courted similar controversies in the past

Gandhi has also courted similar controversies in the past

Gandhi, a former Union minister, has also sparked similar controversies in the past.

According to another viral audio clip, she recently asked a police officer to arrest and “slap” a man for allegedly breaking a dog’s leg with a stick.

Earlier this year, she allegedly abused and threatened a Bengaluru-based businessman with sexual harassment complaints, after he allegedly hit a stray dog.

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