Bank support for businesses rises to € 44.3 billion in the Netherlands

Netherlands-based banks have announced they will continue to support businesses during the corona crisis, according to

Since the corona crisis, Dutch banks have offered additional loans to nearly 52,000 companies, with a total value of 44.3 billion euros. This is displayed in the third Corona Monitor of 2021, published by the Dutch Banking Association (NVB). Over 60% of regular funding consists of loans of less than EUR 250,000. Of the total amount of 44.3 billion euros, 3.1 billion euros benefited from a government guarantee, such as the Corona PME credit guarantee scheme (BMKB-C), the financing guarantee ( GO-C), the Credit Guarantee System for Agriculture, and small credits for the Corona Guarantee System (KKC). More than 8,200 businesses received a loan with a government guarantee.

129,000 companies benefited from a deferral of loan repayments from their bank, for a total amount of 3.1 billion euros. This is the general interruption of payments initiated by banks shortly after the onset of the corona crisis in early 2020. In total, 47.4 billion euros were made available to 181,000 entrepreneurs thanks to the postponement of repayments. and the granting of additional loans to businesses. Since the onset of the corona crisis, nearly 26,000 consumers have received a break for their mortgage payment and 12,000 for a personal loan. In most cases, this is a payment interruption of one to three months. Some of these consumers have benefited from an extended payment break. In total, a combined value of 88 million euros has been made available to consumers.

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