AVMA’s National Awareness Campaign Promotes COVID-19 Vaccinations

The organization urges members of the veterinary team, their clients and the public to get vaccinated.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has launched a nationwide education and awareness campaign urging veterinary teams, their clients, and the general public to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to a statement from the organization, the initiative was encouraged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which understands the vital role veterinarians play in society and public health. In addition, surveys have revealed that approximately 90% of AVMA members are currently vaccinated, demonstrating the value that veterinary professionals place in preventive care and their confidence in the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

“We want our veterinary staff, our animal owners and our communities to be safe and healthy, and that is why we join with our colleagues in human medicine and science to actively promote the importance of COVID-19 vaccine, ”said José Arce, DVM, president of AVMA, in the statement.

“Veterinary medicine has a clear public health mission,” continued Arce. “In fact, when we take the oath, we are specifically committing to ‘promoting public health.’ Encouraging preventive health care, including immunization, is part of that commitment. Especially with the flu season underway. and the approach of winter, we strongly encourage vaccination to protect the general well-being of the public.

The campaign is expected to run until the end of December and will feature a wide range of print and digital materials available to AVMA members (e.g. a social media toolkit, brochures and posters for lobbies and veterinary offices) encouraging staff, animal owners and the public to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. These resources are available here: www.avma.org/VaccinationTools.

“Vets are healthcare providers trusted not only by their clients but the general public, we understand the power of vaccines and have been recruited as COVID vaccination providers in some areas,” Arce said.

“We recognize that immunization is a choice and that not everyone can get it. But we are uniquely qualified to share the importance of disease prevention and control in animals and humans. Protecting public health is part of the veterinarian’s responsibility and appropriate preventive care, including vaccinations, goes a long way in protecting public health, ”he continued.


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