ASN, NKF, CVS Kidney Care among members of the campaign to improve home dialysis

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Nine major healthcare organizations have launched a campaign, called Innovate Kidney Care, urging CMS to update regulations for healthcare providers to improve home dialysis, according to a press release.

The founding members of the campaign include the American Society of Nephrology, Anthem Inc., Cricket Health, CVS Kidney Care, Home Dialyzors United, Intermountain Healthcare, the National Kidney Foundation, Outset Medical Inc. and Strive Health.

Innovating kidney care
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Despite the benefits of home dialysis (such as reduced burden on patients and participants in their care), many barriers exist to broader implementation, making it an underutilized treatment option for patients. kidney failure in the United States, according to the release.

Specifically, the release noted that the ESRD (CfC) coverage conditions, as currently written, “apply a unique set of requirements whether dialysis takes place in a clinic or at home.” Campaign members argue that healthcare providers and organizations may not offer home dialysis as an option due to the difficulty of navigating through these requirements, which, in turn, prevents more patients to access the benefits of treatment.

“The dialysis industry has been stagnant for a long time when it comes to bringing innovations to patients” Tonya Sure, Innovate Kidney Care spokesperson said in the statement. “We now have new patient-centered dialysis technologies and healthcare providers who want to innovate in the delivery of care, to provide more options for where and how self-dialysis can be formed and taken into account. charge. “

According to the statement, members of Innovate Kidney Care have dedicated the campaign to improving the patient experience, improving the experience for healthcare professionals and reducing the costs of care. To do this, they suggest that there is a need to “modernize” the CfC ESRD and related guidance, and recommended the following:

  • remove barriers to home dialysis training and support;
  • differentiate regulations to expand home dialysis training and support, while improving the transition from in-center to home care;
  • reduce administrative work for clinicians “so they can focus on outcomes, empowerment and patient safety”; and
  • provide home dialysis training and support in various health care settings.

“We can accelerate home adoption by clarifying guidelines and updating outdated regulatory restrictions for patients and providers,” Saffer said. “The objective of Innovate Kidney Care is to advocate for the modernization of the conditions of coverage, by allowing patients – regardless of race, ethnicity or income – to have the choice to adopt dialysis. at home and enjoy the benefits of having more time to live [vs.] dialysis.

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