Animal Lovers Demand Veterinary Hospital and Crematorium in Kharghar-Panvel Region | Bombay News

Animal activists in the Kharghar-Panvel belt have expressed the need for a dedicated animal hospital as well as an electric crematorium. Repeated cases of severely injured animals being found and the delay in getting treatment prompted activists to raise the issue with the Panvel City Municipal Corporation (PCMC).

“It is one of the most neglected sectors even though there are regularly animals suffering from accidents or illnesses. Due to lack of healthcare in the city, we have to travel to Mumbai. We wanted the municipal corporation to seriously think about it. The problem is not just with stray animals, even pet owners are struggling to provide good healthcare and conduct the final rites,” said Citizen Unity Forum member Ranjana Sadolikar.

A meeting was called this week between members of different NGOs based in Panvel and PCMC.

Members pointed out that many stray animal issues could be solved with small efforts by the civic body. This includes providing an animal hospital, an electric crematorium, and even designated places for feeding.

“Even from a logistical point of view, development work should not be a big problem for PCMC because the space required for an animal crematorium is very small. Similarly, for the establishment of a hospital, PCMC must pursue with CIDCO to acquire land. The establishment of feeding points will solve the recurring problems encountered between animal lovers and residential societies,” said Jyoti Nadkarni, a member of the Kharghar Taloja Colony Welfare Association (KTCWA).

The difficulties animal lovers face when dealing with cruelty to stray animals was recounted by another resident of Kharghar. The death of many puppies in a residential society prompted the animal lover to request an autopsy of one of the dead puppies.

“We had to take the dead puppy to a veterinary hospital in Parel to do the autopsy. Despite so much money, time and effort, it’s been over 15 days and there’s still no report. It is high time for civil society to build a veterinary hospital for the Panvel region,” the animal friend said.

Vithal Dhake, City Co-Commissioner, PCMC, said the matter had been taken up with relevant departments. “The power to rule on the request belongs to the municipal commissioner. I sent the case to the city’s sanitation, health and engineering department for further processing,” he said.

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