24/7 emergency laboratory to perform 50,000 tests per day at AIIMS Delhi

In a major relief for patients who present to AIIMS Delhi, an emergency laboratory has been set up which will be operational for 24 hours to perform regular tests on patients here. This is AIIMS Delhi’s “second smart lab”. The laboratory uses automatic dry chemistry analysis technology.

Officials said the time for taking diagnostic test samples from wards has been increased by three and a half hours. “This new lab is open 24 hours. At any time, patients can come and we will give the report, as soon as possible. It will not take more than two to three hours to submit the test reports,” said Dr Shyam. . Prakash, Additional Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Faculty in charge of the Smart lab.

The lab also helps patients get timely treatment without any delay in test results. “Previously, patients waited a long time outside the testing labs for the report to be released. But now we get the report within two to three hours. Thanks to this, our consultants or clinicians can give immediate feedback, analyze the diagnosis and give them medication immediately, ”said Dr Prakash.

The 24/7 Emergency Laboratory is AIIMS Delhi’s second smart laboratory inaugurated today by Union Minister of Health Mansukh Mandaviya. This laboratory has the capacity to perform over 50,000 tests in a single day. On September 22, AIIMS Delhi prepared a “smart lab” capable of performing more than two lakh of general tests in a single day. The high-tech lab also offers free tests such as the D-Dimer test which costs around Rs 1,000 at private labs.

“If a patient arrives urgently at 12 p.m., the number of investigative parameters available to the physician to assess and treat the patient is comparatively much more limited. hours, we can easily study all the parameters in a few hours with the help of this smart lab, ”said Dr Subrata Sinha, Head of Electronic Department of Laboratory Medicine, AIIMS Delhi. This lab performs 2,500 to 3,000 tests per hour and 50,000 to 60,000 tests per day, Sinha added.

Regarding the accuracy of the tests, Dr Subrata Sinha said: “All of our testing is very accurate, we have an internal quality control and external quality control system where we link to the quality control program. , our staff and physicians find that quality parameters are maintained day to day. ” (ANI)

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