10 Best Shows Like Apple TV’s Roar

The new series Roar Apple TV+ promises to be a feminist series, focusing on a different set of characters each episode. Additionally, it is also expected to feature a cast of very powerful characters, all of whom bring their considerable star charisma as they explore the lives of women around the world.

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Those who appreciate lush production values, the message of feminism, and powerful performances will be happy to know that there are a number of other series that feature this unique blend of attributes.

Big Little Lies (2017-2019) – Airing on HBO Max

Big Little Lies Cast walking down the street

During his two seasons, big little lies centers on the lives of a group of women in California, who see everything they thought they knew turned upside down by the death of one of their husbands.


It features some very powerful performances from its cast – including Nicole Kidman, in one of its best roles – and shows how many people build a web of fabrications in order to live their lives. It’s also a haunting and powerful drama about relationships between and among women, making it ideal for fans of Roar.

Sharp Objects (2018) – Streaming on HBO Max

There have been many shows about mothers and daughters, but few are as weird, unsettling and brutal as Sharp objectsstarring Amy Adams as a reporter who returns to her hometown to investigate multiple murders.

While this investigation is what sets the plot in motion, it’s only the beginning and the viewer slowly learns more about his deeply dysfunctional relationship with his mother and sister. Like some episodes of Roarit’s a show like no other.

Little Fires Everywhere (2020) – Streaming on Hulu

Little Fires Everywhere Mia Elena

The 2010s and early 2020s were something of a golden age for TV series focused on the bond between mothers and their daughters. The fans of Roar enjoy Small fires everywherebut chief among them is the emphasis on the extraordinary relationships that women forge with each other, relationships that often become as destructive as they are friendly.

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And, as with so many strong TV dramas from this period, it also features powerful performances from its main cast, especially Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington.

Nine Perfect Strangers (2021) – Streaming on Hulu

Melvin Gregg in Nine Perfect Strangers

Hulu has produced many strong dramas, and one of their most compelling and bizarre is Nine perfect strangers. Set in a retreat that claims to offer a unique brand of healing, it features an all-star cast including Melissa McCarthy and Nicole Kidman.

However, what sets it apart and what will definitely make it appealing to fans of Roaris how it explores how a mother’s grief over the loss of her daughter can totally transform the rest of her life and the way she sees the world.

American Crime (2015-2017) – Streaming on Hulu

Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton in American Crime

One of the benefits of an anthology drama like Roar is that he can use each episode to explore a different set of complex issues. A similar dynamic is at work in American crimewhich uses each of its seasons to explore various aspects of American society.

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Like the best docu-dramas, it manages to allow the viewer to feel with the characters as they navigate the charged social landscape, even if some of their actions can be deeply problematic.

Ratched (2020-Present) – Streaming on Netflix

Sarah Paulson as Ratched and Finn Wittrock as Edmund Tolleson

Sarah Paulson is best known for her many big roles in american horror story, but she also brings her formidable charisma to the character of Nurse Ratched in this series, created by Ryan Murphy. It has a unique approach to the material – with Murphy’s style aesthetic often evident – and that makes it a good choice for those who like the way Roar plays with narrative and genre conventions.

While Pawl might seem like an unusual subject to turn into a hero, somehow Murphy and Paulson make it work.

Killing Eve (2018-2022) – Streaming on Hulu

Kiling Eve season 4

One of the characteristics of Roar is its direct focus on women. A similar phenomenon is at work in Kill Evethe hugely popular series about cunning assassin Villanelle and Eve, the intelligence agent who pursues her.

Although there are men in this story, the truth is that much of the narrative energy in Kill Eve stems from the extraordinary bond that is created between these two characters, who are inevitably attracted to each other, even if they find themselves completely inexplicable.

Mrs. America (2020) – Streaming on Hulu

Rosemary Thompson looks out over an auditorium at Mrs America

Mrs America is widely considered one of the best series of 2020, and it’s easy to see why. Focusing on the Equal Rights Amendment battle of the 1970s, it features powerful performances, especially from Cate Blanchett as Phyllis Schalfly.

Given that it explicitly focuses on feminism and the battles over who had the right to wear the label, it should be of particular interest to those who appreciate the slant of roar narration.

Mare Of Easttown (2021) – Streaming on HBO Max

Mare standing outside in Easttown Mare.

Kate Winslet has starred in many great roles and she brings a steely magnetism to her character as Mare in this HBO series. Although not as explicitly feminist as Roarhe always demonstrates an interest in how women must navigate the territory of law enforcement.

Moreover, it is a series very interested in the rot of the American landscape, located in the Rust Belt. It’s a show that, once it has gripped the viewer, won’t let go until the last episode.

Hacks (2021-Present) – Streaming on HBO Max

Ava and Deborah on a private jet in Hacks season 1 finale

hacks is without a doubt one of the best shows of 2021, and it also happens to be one of the most feminist.

Starring Jean Smart as a declining comedian who has to contend with both the sexism and ageism of her field, it’s a show that moves seamlessly between different emotional registers, ranging from extremely comedic funny with burning drama (and often devastating sadness). It’s one of Jean Smart’s best roles, and it shows how well she stays at the top of her game.

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