Extension or extension of payment in fast credits

Since the amounts requested do not usually exceed 800 euros. Now, what happens if we need a few more days to finish returning it?

Fast loans have a repayment period reduced

debt loan

Luckily, some financiers give the possibility of postponing the payment date between 4, 14 or 30 additional days instead of having to pay the entire total amount plus commissions on the day it was agreed at first.

We have the case in the main companies such as:

debt loan

  1. Good Bank : It offers more advantageous conditions if it is returned within the established period, in the opposite case that the mini credit cannot be returned on the expiration date they offer the possibility of making the payment of the amount corresponding to the extension of the term by means of a transfer Bank to extend the term. For this, you must always indicate the amount and number of the loan contract. It is necessary that the payment of the extension of the credit expiration period be made, before the deadline of said expiration. In addition, this extension can be requested as many times as necessary.
  2. Good Lender : This financial one also allows the extension of the payment according to requesting an extension of 7, 14 or 30 days whenever the requested amount is paid. For example, if you want to extend a loan of 200 euros 7 days you will have to pay 24 euros in any of the account numbers they provide.
  3. Good Cash : In this case you must fill out an application through its website 5 days before the last due date and send an SMS with the word extension so that immediately after the client receives a text message with the amount of the commission for the extension service. Once the payment has been made, the new expiration date will also be confirmed by text message.
  4. Good Lend: They do not carry out extensions since they only approve the application after carrying out a rigorous evaluation that assures us that you can face the loan repayment.
  5. Money: If you could request an extension of your loan of up to 30 days, at the time of the extension you will have to pay the amount for the management of the current loan.
  6. Money Lend: In case you are late in any payment and do not process the deferral of it, you have a penalty of late payment interest for an amount equivalent to 1% daily of late payments. Penalties may not exceed the APR twice and a half
  7. Lend Money : You can request an extension before the expiration day. You can extend your loan at most twice and for a maximum period of 30 days in total from the original due date of your loan. The cost of each extension is € 15, added to the extension interest stipulated in the conditions of your loan.

As we see, the possibilities of return in this type of companies are very flexible and easy to extend in just a few minutes so we invite you to visit the comparator of Karamazov brothers so that, according to your economic needs, you choose the entity that most adapt to you

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